200KVA Three Phase Voltage Stabilizer For Nigeria SBW Regulator 380VAC±20% 50Hz PFC

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Tempat asal: CINA
Nama merek: Modern
Sertifikasi: CE,ISO 9001
Nomor model: SBW, DBW
Kuantitas min Order: 1
Harga: negotiation
Kemasan rincian: Pengepakan kayu
Waktu pengiriman: 30 hari
Syarat-syarat pembayaran: T/T
Menyediakan kemampuan: 500unit/bulan
Informasi Detail
Capacity: 200KVA Input Voltage Range: 260V~433V
Efficiency:: ≥ 98% Voltage Stability: ±2%
Frequency: 50Hz Weight: 440Kg
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SBW Regulator Three Phase Voltage Stabilizer


200KVA Three Phase Voltage Stabilizer


50Hz PFC Three Phase Voltage Stabilizer

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200KVA Three(3) Phase Voltage Stabilizer For Nigeria SBW Regulator 380VAC±20% 50Hz PFC



We are Manufacturer which specialized in Servo Voltage Stabilizer, UPS, Active Power Filter, etc for nearly 40 years. And be vendor of Mitsubishi Elevator in East Africa, GE, Emerson.


Voltage Regulator Feature:


1.This series large power voltage stabilizer is an energy-saving new product developed by our company by absorbing the advanced technology of Western Europe.


2.It is provided with two systems of manual/automatic dual control,direct output and stabilizing output, with the functions of over/under-voltage protection,delay and error protection etc, it is reliable and suitable forany load.


Technical parameter
Input current (A): Correlation to the rated capacity
Input voltage (V): 380VAC+/-20% optional, 220VAC+/-20% optional
Output voltage (V): 380VAC+/-5% optional, 220VAC+/-5% optional

Input Voltage Range:260V~433V

Phase number: Three phase single phase
Insulated strength: 2000V/1 Min does not have the puncture
Waveform distortion: ≤ 0.1%
Working frequency (Hz): 50~60Hz
Constant voltage precision: +/-5% adjustable

Since most of textile equipment are installed in cotton-dusty and humid environment and usually voltage regulators are required to be near textile equipment, the voltage regulator of textile equipment designed by our company makes use of the structure of sealing inner air duct board. Auto temperature test control is applied to emit heat. The whole system is moisture proof to ensure continuous and normal operation of equipment in highly humid environment. It has the features of high precision of voltage regulation, good stability and flawless protection.


Input Voltage DBW                          SBW
220±15%,20%,30%,50%    380±15%,20%, 25%30%,50%
Output Voltage (Preset at 1.5%) 220Vac±1-5%                    380Vac±1-5%
Efficiency >98%
Precision 1-5%
Frequency 47-53Hz
Response Time <0.5S/20V(Line Voltage)
Insulated Strength 2000V/1 minute without puncture  2500V/1 minute without puncture
Insulated Resistance >2MΩ
Wave Deformation Nil
Isolation transformer Optional
Surge Protection Optional


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200KVA Three Phase Voltage Stabilizer For Nigeria SBW Regulator 380VAC±20% 50Hz PFC 0


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