3 - 500 KVA Three Phase Voltage Regulator 380V±20% AC Power Stabilizer

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Tempat asal: CINA
Nama merek: Modern
Sertifikasi: CE,ISO 9001
Nomor model: SBW
Kuantitas min Order: 1
Harga: negotiation
Kemasan rincian: Pengepakan kayu
Waktu pengiriman: 30 hari
Syarat-syarat pembayaran: T/T
Menyediakan kemampuan: 500unit/bulan
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Output Voltage: Single phase 220V±1-5%, three phase: 380V±1-5% Supply Frequency: 50/60Hz
Efficiency: >97% on full load
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380V Three Phase Voltage Regulator


500 KVA Three Phase Voltage Regulator


AC Power Three Phase Voltage Regulator

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3 - 500 KVA 380V±20% Three Phase Voltage Regulator ,AC Power Stabilizer



Quick Detail:



Capacity 3-500KVA
Certificate CE
Model SBW
Phase Three Phase







Wenzhou Modern Completed Electric-power Equipment Co.,LTd. is the best China voltage regulator manufacturer and supplier, as a professional company, we have our own factory. Welcome to wholesale voltage regulator, power regulator, voltage regulator, automatic voltage regulator, avr, linear voltage regulator products from us.


Voltage regulation problems account for more than 90% of the power quality problems seen at most sites. The MODERN Voltage regulators provide protection against mains power sags, surges and brownouts. It is ideal for geographical regions that are subject to inconsistencies in the mains supply, such as Africa, Asia and certain parts of Europe.


Each regulator has a wide input voltage tolerance, and has been designed to provide the ultimate reliability in hostile environments, where the quality of the mains supply cannot be guaranteed.







BROADCAST: Regulation for broadcast transmitter sites and studios.


COMMERCIAL: High-rise building, elevator control, large A/C chillers, lighting, and other sensitive critical systems.


INDUSTRIAL: Industrial automation, process control, CNC, factory robotics, heavy load machinery.


MEDICAL: X-ray, CT scanner, MRI system, Radiation therapy machine, other medical imaging equipments.


TELECOM: Mobile base stations, exchanges stations, control centers and transmission relay stations, .






Input Voltage

Three phase 380V±20%
The other input voltage range and rated voltage can be custom designed.

Output Voltage Single phase 220V±1-5%, three phase: 380V±1-5%
Supply Frequency 50/60Hz
Insulation Resistance ≥2MΩ
Voltage Regulation Mode Independent phase regulation for three phase
Waveform Distortion nil
Insulation Class H class
Method of Voltage Regulation Regulation transformer with servomotor
Insulated Strength Single phase: 2000V/1min without puncture
Efficiency >97% on full load
Overload Rating Withstand 200% overload in short time
Protection class IP20(indoor), outdoor type on request
Electrical safety CE equivalent
Operational Temperature -20 °C to +45 °C
Functions Power-on style, Malfunction protection, Short-circuit protection, Lack of phase protection, Over voltage shutdown, Under voltage shutdown, Safe start



• Scientific research
• Telecom and testing equipment
• Industrial ancillary facilities
• Meet practically any need for varying voltage
• Provide dependable and precise regulation for many testing applications


Competitive Advantage:


Extremely wide voltage regulation range

· Maintenance free roller type carbon brush

· Individual regulation with unique small dimension

· Maximum capacity up to 5000KVA

· High Mean time Between Failure(MTBF)

· Reliable and quiet servo motors

· Wheels mounted for easy installation

· Start up delay to prevent over current inrush

· Isolation transformer on request

· Indoor or outdoor version on request





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